Hey! I´m glad you made it here!

I´m Maria, a swedish drumess, artist, passionate creative & mentor. Since I´ve lived in Norway for a looong time I´ve started to call myself scandinavian. Feels good. Here´s some words about me & my vision.

As I see it Drumming is power. And, I am here to empower others through following my path - drumming + art.                  

I believe power is daring to speak the truth even if your voice is shaking. Power is how your beautiful soul chooses Freedom even when you can’t remember how. It’s making your own decisions. Following your intuition. Being authentic, following the wisdom of your body & dare to walk your own path!

The journey to find my own voice has taken me down many creative avenues: drumming, drawing, painting and graphic design. Through my own experience with anorexia, I’ve learned (and are still learning) to love myself, my whole self. Body. Mind. Soul. Spirit.

And, some of the facts about me that perhaps you never knew (especially if you’re here for the first time):

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden and started to play drums as a teenager.

I studied under and was mentored by the late Argentinian drummer Marcos Migoya and later moved to Oslo to study classical percussion and chamber music at the prestigious Norwegian Academy of Music. In 2010 I completed a Masters degree in music therapy.

I’m an accomplished artist and have participated in several exhibitions in Norway and Sweden. My artwork is sought after by companies likeJobline, Monster, Ajilon, NITO and Orkla. Well, I had the honor of being named one of the top contemporary artists in the book 100 Contemporary Artists by World of Art. One of my proudest moments.

I maintain a studio on Nesodden, a peninsula in Oslofjorden where I continue to create Music, oil paintings & drawings. You can see some of my works here at my site.

One of my deepest passions is teaching the drums. I have taught at my alma mater and currently mentor private students and facilitate drumming workshops. Visit my events page [link to page where people can learn how to sign up for private classes and workshops] for my complete schedule of upcoming offerings. I also send a monthly [periodic] newsletter that you can sign up for here [link to sign up for your mailing list] to stay up to date with everything I’m drumming up.

With deep bows of reverence,