Calm. Stillhet. Thoughts on Solitude. 

Is the calm in solitude always present? Is it always good? It can, for sure, be unpleasant sometimes and hurt down to the core. Feel like sitting in a cold, pitch-black or ice white, closet.

To me though, solitude is sometimes an escape but most often a big room, a space, of calm. In this room, I dance freely and ideas are born as easy as a blink. To me, solitude is a safe place.

I like being untouchable. It awakes the glimpse in my eye, the glow in my body. 



Måste, är, stillheten i ensamheten alltid befintlig? Är den alltid god? Den kan nog vara obehaglig ibland. Göra ont intill skelettet. Som att sitta i ett kallt, kolsvart eller kritvitt skåp. 

För mig är ensamheten ibland en flykt men oftast ett stort rum, en rymd av lugn. Där dansar jag fritt, och idéer föds så lätt som en blinkning. 

Ensamhet är, för mig, något tryggt. För det allra mesta. 

Jag gillar att vara onåbar. Det väcker glimten i ögat, glöden i kroppen. 

Fred. För det är det vi alla behöver nu. 



First draft of my piece Emptiness... Always a journal close by.

Posted on April 13, 2018 .

It's time for... SOLITUDE.


Nice seeing you! Today I have an announcement to make! Drum rolls, please! On the 23rd of September, I will perform my first solo concert, SOLITUDE, in Oslo, Norway.


In SOLITUDE, my first solo concert I wish to invite the audience to the "white room" where I am with the drums. The white room is a symbol of solitude and through my drum compositions, I question which colors, emotions arise in that state.

I thrive in solitude. Many social contexts make me uncomfortable. That doesn't mean I'm asocial, I love people. But, when I play I can say all that burn inside. It's simple without words. The stage is the arena where I feel it is ok to be myself and that's everything I've ever wished for. 

That said, creating and performing my first solo is scary! What if I make a fool of myself, get paralyzed by nerves, etc? But I can't let that stop me. This IS the next step in my journey and YOU are, of course, welcome!

Have a lovely weekend and stay posted!

Peace, as always,


Posted on February 23, 2018 .

DEEPER. Again.


DEEPER is "my word", my intention, for 2017. Now, for the last quarter, I´m aiming to wrap it up in a good way: reflecting over, & finishing what I had in mind for this year and, at the same time, planting tiny seeds, new ideas, for the coming 2018. I wanted a drawing to accompany me these last darkening months, as a reminder of my aim. This came to me while contemplating with a pen in my hand.

Do You have a plan for "Q4"? Do you know how you wish to end 2017? What is it that you want to finish before moving into the next? It´s never a better time than NOW. 

With peace and much love, ´cause that is what we need in the world right now. 



Deeper. Again.