Welcome 2014

Thank you 2013 for all lessons learnt. Thank you for beautiful meetings with "old" friends and new wonderful friends from all around the world, from Benny Greb's Mastersession and the Amazing Enchanted Entrepreneurs Circle. Thank you for the long and deep process (Thanks Aliza) with this new "home" of mine (this website). It's been a tough year personally but now, I stand strong and happy.

My lovely and encouraging teacher and mentor Layne Redmond left this world to explore new ones. Bless you, Layne! You learned us all how it is possible to make ones last days the best and most beautiful in ones  life, even through sickness, through sharing. I will never forget you and continue to honor you everyday through my playing. 

Welcome 2014! Welcome new Intentions & Inspiration! New Strength & Excitements! Welcome New Friends & Rhythms! Welcome New Learnings & Movements!

Happy New Year! 


Lots of LOVE & Good thoughts,