Thank you.

I'm sitting in my beautiful studio saturday night. Mike Dooley is talking about "A Wrinkle in Time" from the speakers but I stop him from time to time, just to feel my happiness and gratitude in this moment. And to cherish the silence.

An hour ago I had the honor and, not the least, pleasure of talking (through Skype) to a wonderfully positive group of women participating in "Holy Rhythms" Drum Festival in Ontario, Canada. 

Now, I just want to say thank you for the great experience of sharing my drumming, my encounter with beautiful, late Layne Redmond, my thoughts behind Mindful Drumming, my concept of calling presence with the help of the drum, and my work with investigating a group of women's experiences of drumming during pregnancy (which resulted in my master thesis at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, 2010).

It's in the moment's of sharing that knowledge, confidence & happiness thrives! Let's do more of it!

With Love,


Thank you dear Betty Lynn & Deborah!

Thank you dear Betty Lynn & Deborah!