Last night was Gignight. Sunday morning reflection.

Yes, yesterday night I played at a party. Bass, guitar & vocal and me on the drums. It was great fun. People danced, I'd managed to put my hair up really nice, put on my red drummer (dancing) shoes, my body felt relaxed and we had some nice moments in the band, you know when everything suddenly just flow. The best thing though was that my mind was relaxed. Reconnecting with the american pianist Kenny Werners concept of Effortless Mastery last weeks I was very conscious of just loving every note I played, and it felt great! - Of course my mind wanted to go other places some times - questioning my groove, my sound, my technique but I gently managed to steer it back to "loving-state" by telling it: "not now, now we PLAY". You  can check Kenny Werner out here: 

Another thing that's been in my mind last weekes, maybe months, is my wish to create a networks of creative souls with the sole purpose of supporting each other, uplifting each other. The "work title" right now is Artistic Queens". If you'd be interested in being a part of this, let me know!

Now I'll have another cup of coffee and listen to my favourite song this week: "I just want to play" by german trumpet player Nils Wülker, 'cause that's exactly what I want to do! 

Wish you a wonderful, loving sunday!