Day 27. Dream Drawing.


I'm already on day 27 of my 100-days diary that I started 27th of July with sharing an Improvisation in 9/16 that I named "Audary  Nine" (audary = audio + diary) on my artist page on Facebook. 

Now I got a new idea that I will incorporate in the process - I´m creating a Dream Drawing in the befinning of every week as a part of my diary with the intention to set a Vision for the Week.

May I present the 1st:  Be a Voice, not an Echo!  

This week Dare to take a day off to do something you really, deeply love. What do you love to do? Who do you love to meet, have a simple (but great) coffee with?       This week - say Yes, even if it´s a Yes colored by fear. Then, say yes once more.
This week  - only this week believe that You can: do what you love, get what you wish, fly...
This once-in-a-lifetime week - make no excuses, eat what makes your eyes & body sparkle and sip on your favorite drink. For only this week (and maybe next) Be a Voice, not an echo. Because You Are, of course.

With Love,