Time, Laughter & Boldness, day 31.

This week someone asked me about my vision for the next months. Usually I say: - Freedom! Badass Freedom at all levels! This time though, I replied - Laughter in the World. I didn't even know what I meant when the words left my mouth... Afterwards I asked myself, so what does it mean to you? The reply was: it means flirting to myself in the mirror, looking up and smile honestly to the camera when I´m filming myself playing. It means loving all parts of me, the good and the bad ones and taking my job and my life less serious. It means focusing on spreading some sincere Love in the world through what I do.

With time I have learned to ask, to listen and to practice with a calm in my heart. I´m still learning to manage Time but as I do, I realize that it´s more about forgetting TIME and managing energy that is the way to a healthy schedule. It´s not the hours and minutes you put into the work. It´s about presence. Are you there when you do it? Body, mind & soul? I think it´s about having the energy to be bold enough to accept Life as it happens? That takes some courage. But, whenever we push time and exhaust ourselves we put a break in the stream of life. I know this. I´ve done it many times. I burn so deeply for what I do that I have a problem to stop. When I don´t my laughter disappear. Everything gets serious and my energy fades.

For the next months I´ll try to be bold enough to open up space for LAUGHTER and see where that takes me. Yes!

As always, with much love,