In the midst of the turmoil we see in the world today I ask, humbly, for PEACE. I know, it´s huge. It might even seem naive to ask for, I might seem naive, but that´s ok. Like I see it, it´s all we can ask for at this time. 

Growing up in a multicultural suburb in Stockholm I grew up surrounded by people from all the world. People from different religions and atheists. People talking different languages, wearing variant clothes and cooking with different spices & herbs in their kitchens. For me, that´s still Home, safe. I really & truly don´t understand division, it rips my heart. 

We are, and will always be, the same. We´re humans. Lovely, flawed, non-perfect, mesmerizing humans. Whatever religion, color, sexual preferences, size, hair color, clothes, bank account or backgrounds. We´re the same. 

If we could just live Peace for a second, and then one more, we could... smile to each other. As Mother Teresa, the albanian saint, so wisely said:

Peace begins with a smile (Mother Teresa)

It´s a beginning. So I start there, with sharing this "Dream Drawing" and sending you a smile. 

Take care! <3 



Dream Drawing: PEACE