Morning pages. Show us!

It's 8.30 am. I'm alone in the house, except for the kittens and their mother, and I pour myself the last drops of delicious coffee, black & hot soy. I write my morning pages, listen to a cool playlist made by my son and it shows to be even cooler than I expected. If you like relaxed, funky and quite hot here's the link:

This is how the pages culminated and also how I end this post. Take care today and show yourself some true Love! 

Show your face. For real. Show us the one you are behind the masks that have saved you for a thousand years.  Show us your face. 'Cause we are curious, eager to see you as you are.  Without make up, plastic & musts.  Show yourself. We love You. Raw.


Morning pages & black.  

Morning pages & black.