(Au) diary 2. Red.

Some years ago I created and gathered a diary of 100 etchings in the course of a year. That diary became alive after a while and things that happened in my life correlated with what "happened" on the etching. I still have it and it´s very dear to me since it actually was the beginning of a big, great change in my life. Now I´ve decided to do the same but this time I´ll do it with audios, maybe some drawings, texts... I´m open. As the last time I will create approximately 100 small ideas, pieces, works in the course of a year and I´ll share most of them with You here on my blog and also on my artist page on http://www.facebook.com/mariabovindelabbe. 

Yesterday I posted day 1 in my "Audary", a groove in 9/8 that I called "Nine", or "Ennea" at mentioned facebook page and here's the drawing & words from today:


On my way 

Red hair.

Red shoes.

Always - in my dreams.

Moving, dreaming if only sitting in a chair.

All the time on the go, in my bubble.


Red fire.

Red passion.

Lot of Space -