Day 20. Thinking about Red Shoes...

Hi! Today I´m thinking about Red Shoes and what they represent for me. I´ve realized that I draw them often! And, they´ve been on my wish list for years! (still not have a pair though, whatever that means... ). I believe that it might be what Brené Brown, the awesome author, named "Badassary" in her book Rising Strong. But, is badassery the same as trust? A trust that it will all go well wherever my intuition tells me to go, or to jump into. Trust to the surroundings, the body, mind and... breath. No, not the breath. That doesn´t work for me, Heart! That´s it! A trust to the Heart that beats, speaks to me, cares for me and, that ties to a knot when it gets tough. I live from the Heart. For better or worse ;) - There we have it! - The Red Shoes! Heartfelt Badassery!! 

Have a great, loving week! If you wanna see my posts, a mix of drawings, grooves, glimpses from my studio, my life, from other days of my diary you can find them at @mariabovindelabbe on my artist page on facebook or at Insta. Have a Lovely Week!



Maybe I can really should get myself a pair this week...