12. Knowing yourself. Playing as yourself.

Sunday morning. For the first time in weeks I have time for my sunday ritual... That is, going back to bed after breakfast to reflect, plan the week ahead, dream a little and drink lots of great coffee.

In planning my upcoming teaching I find a note that says: the better you use yourself the better you will play. Unfortunately I don't know where it comes from. Sorry, wise writer. The note continues:

Understanding how you work and function is an important activity and achievement. Daily life can be like practicing an instrument. Your experience helps you to understand  what works best for you and what doesn't work for you. This frees you and allows you to do what you feel is best in the moment. Learning how to play is learning how to be in the moment. 

That is so true. As I understand it, it's about accepting and loving who you are, with strengths and challenges. Loving it all. And, from that point live, practice and play with a deeper knowing and empathy for your unique way of doing it. Connecting the dots between life, who you are as a person with how you practice and play. But, how do you do that? As the quote indicates, awareness is key. What works for you and what doesn't? Drop all shoulds and musts. Stop to feel, listen and you're a step closer! No one can ever be you as you. No one can ever play as you do! 

Have a great sunday!