"Dream Drawing", my wish/ vision for this week: CRAZINESS.

You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven (Jimi Hendrix)

Bring out the craziness! - That´s the words that I write in my sketchbook while sitting on a plane on my way back from a week in a freezing cold Athens, Greece. The words carry an easiness with them, joy and release. Occasionally I feel a bit trapped in  directions and a strict schedule. Sometimes I´m too disciplined and I know, it´s not good for me... That´s actually not me at all.

"Me" is flying all over the place, giggling for nothing, singing wordless while cooking & most of all, creating. That´s me. Though, that strict part of me is kicking my ass in my strive to develop further. It exhausts me. That´s why, this week, I will kick it´s ass right back to it and bring out the craziness, the folly! This week I´m not gonna be clever, instead I´m aiming for foolish & lighthearted.

I´m gonna have some fun in my studio, play around with my rhythms, my lines and open up space for new ideas to sprout. This week I´m letting my hair out, eating all the dark chocolate I want and turning all questions upside down and shake them around!

What about YOU? Who´s the real YOU? What´s Your aim/ wish for this week? (and now, just to be clear, we are not talking about goals, we´re talking about much more important things here...) What´s your dream for this week? Tell me! - I´d love to hear it. 

Big hug,