Dream Drawing: Light-hearted  

Dream Drawing: Light-hearted  

Hello there,

This week my wish/intention, my "Dream Drawing", is about being Light-Hearted.

Light-hearted, carefree, living "moment-to-moment", and easy were the words I wrote in my journal when creating this drawing last Sunday. When going deeper into it, I asked myself what light-hearted really means to me. This is what it means:

Moving lightly on dancing feet between all things I do in a day. Taking it all more lightly, less serious. Making time for childhood memories, and for making "dreamy", delicious dinners. Not give a f* about the stress that, not often but suddenly, squeeze my body breathless. Smile a little to it all, graciously. Light-heartedly moving on. 

Thank you for being here, for taking your time to visit "my world". I would love to hear what light-hearted means to you, just reply in the comments if you'd like to share.

Take care.