Close your eyes.

A ” Dream Drawing”, my intention, my focus for this week: CLOSE YOUR EYES. I posted this drawing Monday morning while looking out the window. Dark green moss. Trees. I live just by the woods.

Now it’s Friday night here, pitch black outside. Looking back - I closed my eyes for moments during the week. I made my 10-minute Pilates sessions early in the mornings. I practiced, composed, had a moving session with an awesome class at the Norwegian Academy of Music and... cried for a whole day (at least that was what I wanted to do but held back when it wasn’t... appropriate. Know the feeling?). It thrilled me when that day was over but, at least, it brought me valuable insights.  

Now I can open my eyes again and move on. Wiser (hopefully) and with my focus set straight.

Thanks for reading. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Have a lovely weekend 🌼




Close your eyes.