Why I threw my goals in the trash, and how you can be more clear about yours.

I just wanna play.

I just wanna play.

Goals are great, and important to have, right? I have clear goals for the day, week, month, and I have a clear vision of how I wish my days to look like in some years.

A danger with goals is that you commit to the goals in a way that makes you feel that you have failed if you don’t achieve them. Having goals is equivalent to having a plan, and plans are for throwing out! A plan is a structure to lean upon but in the second it doesn’t work, it’s important to let it go in an instant and move on without looking back.

An example: I had set up a fantastic plan for the coming autumn with clear goals for what I would spend my time on. But then I listened to myself in this interview and realized that my goals for the fall didn’t match my vision.

Behind the scenes, I have prepared the launch of a community for drummers and percussionists. Within this community, I thought to offer exclusive lessons to a small group of people. When I listened to my voice I realized (being an extreme introvert) this is not my thing. I prefer to work one-on-one. I love to “lift” others, to help musicians and singers find their “voice”, their unique path in life and to help them get a little closer to their vision, but the group format just isn’t for me.

The price for throwing one’s goals is to remain empty-handed. What am I doing now? I don’t know, but I’m working on it. If you are pondering on goals for the fall, here are 3 small tips. Tweak them as you like.

  1. Listen to Mark Mc Guinness interview with me on the 21st Century Creatives podcast here. It’s a deep conversation about my journey as a musician, mindful drumming, anorexia, my day design, and more. The interview starts at 11:58 after Mark’s introduction. If you don’t want to listen to me, there are four seasons of interesting interviews on the podcast with amazing creatives!

  2. Get your notebook. Paper and pen do wonders when you want to go deeper, feel overwhelmed or do not know what you want.

  3. Can you relate to anything that I’m talking about in the interview, does it trigger you in any way? Write, even though it may only be two words. If what comes up is something different, not at all related to the interview, write it! Then write one thing you want to do and commit to spending time on during this fall.

    Please share your commitment in the comments section so we can learn and get ideas from each other, and, not the least, hold each other accountable. Good luck!

This post is a little longer than my usual posts. Please tell me if you like it or if you think I should stick to my shorter format.

Thank you and take care,


ps. I’m opening up more space for coaching vocalist and other musicians. If this sounds interesting to you please check my new page LEARN MINDFUL PLAYING WITH ME HERE