Dream Drawing: Light-hearted  

Dream Drawing: Light-hearted  

Hello there,

This week my wish/intention, my "Dream Drawing", is about being Light-Hearted.

Light-hearted, carefree, living "moment-to-moment", and easy were the words I wrote in my journal when creating this drawing last Sunday. When going deeper into it, I asked myself what light-hearted really means to me. This is what it means:

Moving lightly on dancing feet between all things I do in a day. Taking it all more lightly, less serious. Making time for childhood memories, and for making "dreamy", delicious dinners. Not give a f* about the stress that, not often but suddenly, squeeze my body breathless. Smile a little to it all, graciously. Light-heartedly moving on. 

Thank you for being here, for taking your time to visit "my world". I would love to hear what light-hearted means to you, just reply in the comments if you'd like to share.

Take care. 



Move On


The "Dream Drawing", my wish for this week is titled Move On. This week, I wish to zoom out, get an overview and then, move on. My intention last week was Focus which made me go deep into myself to see my goal, what really matters to me very clear. This week, my intention is to open up. Together they make a beautiful, dynamic couple. Be focused, know where you want to go, what you want, then open up, and move on. 

Have a beautiful week dear family, lovely followers, awesome colleagues & beloved friends. You mean a lot to me. 



My Dream Drawing, my wish/dream for this week: FOCUS


It's amazing, what opens up and guides you if you just set a simple intention. Clarity, and Connection with my true Goal, my personal Dream, suddenly stood out, without excuses. After a period of scattering my energy on what I like but (maybe) not love I'm focused. I know it so well, I've known it for many years. I wrote it in my journal last night.

Do you know? Do you know Your dream? The only goal, big or small, that really matters to you?

I wish you find it, and I wish you the energy & courage to FOCUS on it.

With love and peace in my heart, 


Go Beyond.

MY DREAM DRAWINGS ARE BACK! These drawings reflect my wishes/dreams for the upcoming week. Every Monday I'll post a new one on Facebook and on Instagram. Short thereafter I post it here at my website accompanied a few additional thoughts. Sounds good?


Freedom is found beyond fears, doubts, and imagined enemies. Far beyond made-up "shoulds". 

Can I let go of it all? Can I free myself by boldly raising above, moving beyond?

This week, I wish to free myself to live as I live in my dreams.  To walk where and when I wish to, even if fear is shouting in my ear, and my body is trembling. 

This week only, I go beyond. 

Thank you for taking your time to be here. 

Peace. 'cause that is what we need in this world of ours. Now.




Day 100! The End is the Start.

"The End is the Start". 

"The End is the Start". 

What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.
— T. S. Eliot


Yesterday I finished my "100 days diary". It might seem to be the end but for me it marks yet another beginning.

Today is a new day and, being an Aquarius who seldom look back, I love beginnings even though they often come with the feeling of a being in a void. I don´t know much about this beginning but I try to stay open. There´s always new learnings to be made, new ideas to explore. 

I can smell a newborn calmness deep inside but, there´s a knot in my chest that stands in the way for complete tranquility and peace. This morning while meditating I saw so clear that this knot stands in the way for real mastery and who knows how much more? I know this knot... it started to tighten up when I was a very young girl. 

So, I start from here, now. I take a deep breathe and I dive in. I know I will stumble and I know it´ll make me frustrated. I´ll need some time. 

Have a wonderful week, dear family, adored friends, lovely readers & amazing colleagues and thanks for being here! 



ps. Here´s the Meditation app I use - Insight Timer. It´s free and amazing. No one asked me to share it but I think it´s a treasure so check it out!

Insight Timer - ITunes

Insight Timer - Google Play




“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” Marcus Aurelius, Meditations. 

That is so beautiful...


This is my "Dream Drawing", my wish/ vision for this week: "APPRECIATE". This week is all about appreciation and it came forward when I was sitting in my bed Sunday morning with a cup of good coffee in my hand, reflecting over what I wished for this week (Yes, Sunday mornings are for coffee in bed and reflecting. My life has changed after I started this "routine"!) 

First I thought Celebration since I celebrate my birthday this week. I really wanted to share it with You somehow. From there Love came up, naturally, but it felt to... wide. Then, later in the afternnoon, the right word landed: Appreciate.

It´s important for me to remember to appreciate the little things, people, opportunities and insights along my journey. Now, I appreciate myself, it took some time, I appreciate my life and how I live in my "dream world" as my daughter so wisely named it. I appreciate my life so much that I repeat my gratitude as a mantra in the belief that it will protect it. 

And, I appreciate You. I feel so grateful that You take your time to step into my world of art and music occasionally to listen, read and see. So, my simple message this week is - Thank you

Peace, and love, as always... 



With the power of soul, anything is possible (Jimi Hendrix).

My Dream Drawing this week is all about "SOUL" as I reflect on who we are under the layers we have learnt, built up, hidden ourselves behind. If we peel off the layers of our body, our mind, we´ll stand there completely naked. Naked as in honest and vulnerable maybe? 

Once, I did. I peeled of layer by layer as I disappeared into an ice cold "castle of loneliness" and control. I didn't eat (more than a can of tuna in water and a piece of salad) for months and as my body was peeled of layer by layer, my mind screamed until it couldn´t scream anymore. It was only darkness left. 

Then life suddenly stepped in and offered me a glimpse of clarity. It was like a kind reminder of the fact that I wasn't doing this to die (that was never my intention).  - You´re doing this to free yourself, something whispered. In that short moment everything was clear before darkness fell again. And I changed. For every day that small beam of light grew and in that opening I slowly, step by step, built myself up again from nothing. I returned to the path that my soul was born to walk. I felt free for the first time in my life. 

This journey costed many years of time, energy and loneliness but I´m grateful for it because this journey told me about the power of my soul. I´ve doubted many things after that but never that. 

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you and would love to hear about your thoughts on "SOUL". Just post a comment below.

With love,



"Dream Drawing", my wish/ vision for this week: CRAZINESS.

You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven (Jimi Hendrix)

Bring out the craziness! - That´s the words that I write in my sketchbook while sitting on a plane on my way back from a week in a freezing cold Athens, Greece. The words carry an easiness with them, joy and release. Occasionally I feel a bit trapped in  directions and a strict schedule. Sometimes I´m too disciplined and I know, it´s not good for me... That´s actually not me at all.

"Me" is flying all over the place, giggling for nothing, singing wordless while cooking & most of all, creating. That´s me. Though, that strict part of me is kicking my ass in my strive to develop further. It exhausts me. That´s why, this week, I will kick it´s ass right back to it and bring out the craziness, the folly! This week I´m not gonna be clever, instead I´m aiming for foolish & lighthearted.

I´m gonna have some fun in my studio, play around with my rhythms, my lines and open up space for new ideas to sprout. This week I´m letting my hair out, eating all the dark chocolate I want and turning all questions upside down and shake them around!

What about YOU? Who´s the real YOU? What´s Your aim/ wish for this week? (and now, just to be clear, we are not talking about goals, we´re talking about much more important things here...) What´s your dream for this week? Tell me! - I´d love to hear it. 

Big hug, 




Dream Drawing, my wish/ vision for this week is about LISTENING.  

Dream Drawing: Listening  

Dream Drawing: Listening  

I close my eyes and I listen. I listen and breathe it in: the energy surrounding me, the kindness and generosity. I also hear unspoken words, doubts, emotions. 

I keep me eyes closed and hear my heart whispering words, new words that are opening up fresh worlds, pale yellow colors and calm, acceptance. 

Do You hear your hearts whispers?  

I believe true listening is (maybe)... true calm? 

Have a lovely week, my friends! 🌼 

Peace, Maria.