#mbl #mblisdrumming #mblisgoingtransparent


So. This is a warning. I'm going transparent with this little play-around from a moment in my studio today (if You have a good name suggestion for my new studio, please, bring it on. My previous studio I called Paradise, how on earth do you to top that?). Anyway, when seing this clip I, for the first time ever, laughed of myself in a good way. The little critique just sat nicely on my shoulder, shutting up. Soooooo Good! So relieving! Yey. No more endless striving for perfection. Just me. Transparent.

The clip is dedicated to Mark McGuiness for his wise guiding and the awesome writer women that I play around with at the moment ('cause, really, my drumming IS my kind of writing) in an insightful & wise online workshop called Write Your Freakin' Heart Out with Lisa Lister.