Stick your head out.


It’s Monday morning and I’m looking out the window. It’s grey outside. A few dark yellow leafs still shivers on their branches. Most of them have fallen to the ground. November. I light some candles, take a zip of my coffee and bring out my drum from its case.

If you’ve been around for a while you’ve seen my Dream Drawings before, a drawing that, for me, capture my intention, wish, or focus for the upcoming week.

It’s been a while now but here’s this weeks Dream Drawing: Stick your head out. Do that thing (you know the one you’ve put off for months, years...) Go, go... You got this. Dare.

 I would love to hear your interpretation on it...

Have a lovely week! 🌼

With love,  Maria.


Stick your head out. 

I know.

I know. Everything and nothing at all.  

I know. That I'm loved but can loose that love anytime. 

I know. That I dare to stand out and shine but sometimes back off due to fear.

I walk my path and get lost sometimes. I know. It's a price I happily pay.

I know that I'm strong and that I'm weak. Beautiful and ugly. Black and white.

I know. 

I know.  Ink & aquarelle on cotton paper. 

I know.  Ink & aquarelle on cotton paper.