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Best in the World.

Pleasure Journaling...

Pleasure Journaling...

Celebrating Pleasure together with my beloved soul sister @krisoster & a group of awesome women for two weeks I got the question: What would you do if you were Best In the World at what you do?  

I thought I could shareit here to honor my commitment of transparency! 

If I were the best in the world at being a Creative Queen I would book the coolest clubs for my bands to play at, tour the world, stay at nice, charming hotels and fly in my friends & family to spoil them with great food & adventures. I would dress in the most gracious, raw & elegant clothes - maybe even hire a personal designer (I know who) and treat my body with regular massages, plenty of greens, fruits & sleep in warm silk. 

I would erase my debt & buy a gorgeous flat in my beloved home town Stockholm. I would hire someone to clean my house & renovate it from the bottom (and pay good money for it). 

I would play, create, rest & dance under the moonlight! 🌕 

What would You do?  

Daring to stand out! Being the Star that You are!

Reflections from the past week.

When is it the right time to stand out like the Artistic Queen You are? And what is stopping you? 

Well, the fear of other people's opinions, fear of failure, looking ridicolous, the "law of jante" (which Paulo Coelho explains clearly & beautifully here: are only a few of the obstacles that can stand in your way.

So how do you do it? To be honest, I'm not sure. What I do know is that I'm walking the Path of finding out! And my burning fire, my deep Passion for what I do, is my North Star to finally dare to Stand Out as the Passionate Drummer & Artist I am. 

Here's some insights I happily share that might help You on Your Path! 

  1. Get a coach, a mentor or a best friend to hold your hand while taking baby steps ahead (yes, I am a big believer in baby steps! Those Are what actually brings you closer to where you want to go 🌟). 
  2. Know that You Are enough and totally Unique (your coach/ mentor/ friend should help you with this).
  3. Beware of diminishing the Passion You have for drawing, creating, playing, composing or whatever you do due to the fears mentioned above - again, what You have, who You are, even what colors You like are Unique! If you love Glittery Pink - Go for it!! (nudging awesome vocal mentor Guro Høimyr here 😉 
  4. Be inspired to stand out by people who do. They don't have to be in the same biz as you! My current Inspirers are awesome @petterstordalen, the norwegian owner and CEO of Nordic Choice Hotels and much more, and gorgeous Kris Oster at @mythicrhythm, archetypal branding author, pleasurist mm. 

With lots of Love & Passion,