I've decided to flow. And now it's summer.

Suddenly it's summer. 1st of july. This one is gonna be different in many ways. One being my decision to flow with, and in, July 2016. See what happens. Drop all thoughts about goals and practice (that I usually have in July) to leave space for creativity to rest or to blossom. I'm not gonna decide. I'm just leaning back with a pile of books and a good coffee and watch how it plays out. 

It feels totally liberating and... hopeful. I scent something new being born.. a new way of working, of playing. A new attitude towards my daily life and, not the least, to space that I am so dependent on for being able to "fly" in my world of .. Dreams, Hopes & Passions. 

How are You spending your summer? Do you want it to be different? Have you given it a thought knowing it's kind of your "second chance New Years Eve"? ✨

I would love to know. 

Wishing you a great, loving, mindful summer!  ☀️




Mindful Being. Mindful Musician.

This is the reason why I believe it's a good idea to try to be a mindful musician or mindful being.

"When we’re mindful, we notice. We attend to our sound, emotions, execution, and co-performers.

We perceive accurately, without judging ourselves. We bring fascination to every note we play or sing".


Meaning - We are there, totally, in the Moment of Playing. The same goes for being a mindful person. When we are mindful we notice others, we attend to out feeling and bring fascination to every moment we live.

If you would like to try out som Mindful Drumming Meditations that are All about being present - sign up as a VIP (very important, beloved guest) on the side here and get an excerpt from my upcoming e-book Mindful Drumming Meditations that will be published during spring time.

Have a wonderful, present weekend, dear visitor, friend, lovely being, wherever you are in the world. I'm right now on a rainy peninsula out in the Fjord of Oslo.

Love, Maria.

Quote from G. Klickstein: http://musiciansway.com/blog/2011/02/mindful-musicianship/