DEEPER. Again.


DEEPER is "my word", my intention, for 2017. Now, for the last quarter, I´m aiming to wrap it up in a good way: reflecting over, & finishing what I had in mind for this year and, at the same time, planting tiny seeds, new ideas, for the coming 2018. I wanted a drawing to accompany me these last darkening months, as a reminder of my aim. This came to me while contemplating with a pen in my hand.

Do You have a plan for "Q4"? Do you know how you wish to end 2017? What is it that you want to finish before moving into the next? It´s never a better time than NOW. 

With peace and much love, ´cause that is what we need in the world right now. 



Deeper. Again. 


Day 50. My Dream Drawing, my wish/ vision for the week: light.

Like a wild flower; she spent her days, allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all; knew of her light (Nike Rowe).

Through what I do I try to spread some light around me. My mission is simple - to lay a ground for other people to "dance on", whether as a Drummer, Artist or Mentor.

I could never do that if I hadn't been through real darkness, felt deep, black pain under my own skin; I was close to die from Anorexia as a teenager, I've been harshly (loudly and silently) criticized and questioned for both my choice of path in Life and for being who I am; being, crying, laughing, dreaming too much. And, I've felt deeply "neglected" many times by teachers et al. due to my apparent look of confidence. Going through this doesn't mean that I am tougher than anyone else. On the contrary. I still fall. Still struggle. I've just taken a choice to be bold enough to carry my own, fragile sensitivity on a silver tray in front of me and serve it, transparently.

Let's spread some light this week! 🌟



Dream Drawing November 2016: Light. 

Dream Drawing November 2016: Light. 

Wallflower or Powerwoman.

When I´m at my best I move. I swirl. When I´m at my best I´m a Powerwoman walking with my head high, like I wore an invisible crown. The mind expands, fingers flow. Arms and legs are in a featherlight interplay. Noncontrolled.
I feel untouchable, strong and invulnerable, in my element. On a good day I´m at my best, a gracious queen. 
On a bad day I hold on to the words, drawings, pictures & dreams in my journal with the deep knowing off ebb & flow. 

Have a Good Day!

Peace, Maria. 

It´s TIME! Teaser.

be the star.jpg

Hi! In my last post I wrote shortly about daring to stand out and being the Star that You Are. I also gave some guidance along the way. One point was to find a coach, a friend or a mentor to hold your hand when in doubt. Now, I know coaches are often very expensive, and how to know who to contact? Me, myself, have been on a continuous search for a supporting Network the last years. I´ve been "touching" or participating in some really cool, loving ones and being disappointed by others. So I thought to myself - I´m a Passionate Creative, I´ve followed, and follow my path, and I love mentoring openminded, creative, or just warm people! I´ll set up my own network! YEAH! 

Here are our keywords: Delicious, Cool, Flirty, Supportive, Golden...  I´m so excited. 

More very soon. Blink. And if you can´t wait for the Red Carpet to be rolled out and just wish to be invited NOW, just pop me an email here and I´ll send you the Royal Invite! 

And while you´re waiting here´s a Board I made for You to keep you inspired & tingling: