It´s TIME! Teaser.

be the star.jpg

Hi! In my last post I wrote shortly about daring to stand out and being the Star that You Are. I also gave some guidance along the way. One point was to find a coach, a friend or a mentor to hold your hand when in doubt. Now, I know coaches are often very expensive, and how to know who to contact? Me, myself, have been on a continuous search for a supporting Network the last years. I´ve been "touching" or participating in some really cool, loving ones and being disappointed by others. So I thought to myself - I´m a Passionate Creative, I´ve followed, and follow my path, and I love mentoring openminded, creative, or just warm people! I´ll set up my own network! YEAH! 

Here are our keywords: Delicious, Cool, Flirty, Supportive, Golden...  I´m so excited. 

More very soon. Blink. And if you can´t wait for the Red Carpet to be rolled out and just wish to be invited NOW, just pop me an email here and I´ll send you the Royal Invite! 

And while you´re waiting here´s a Board I made for You to keep you inspired & tingling: