Go Beyond.

MY DREAM DRAWINGS ARE BACK! These drawings reflect my wishes/dreams for the upcoming week. Every Monday I'll post a new one on Facebook and on Instagram. Short thereafter I post it here at my website accompanied a few additional thoughts. Sounds good?


Freedom is found beyond fears, doubts, and imagined enemies. Far beyond made-up "shoulds". 

Can I let go of it all? Can I free myself by boldly raising above, moving beyond?

This week, I wish to free myself to live as I live in my dreams.  To walk where and when I wish to, even if fear is shouting in my ear, and my body is trembling. 

This week only, I go beyond. 

Thank you for taking your time to be here. 

Peace. 'cause that is what we need in this world of ours. Now.





With the power of soul, anything is possible (Jimi Hendrix).

My Dream Drawing this week is all about "SOUL" as I reflect on who we are under the layers we have learnt, built up, hidden ourselves behind. If we peel off the layers of our body, our mind, we´ll stand there completely naked. Naked as in honest and vulnerable maybe? 

Once, I did. I peeled of layer by layer as I disappeared into an ice cold "castle of loneliness" and control. I didn't eat (more than a can of tuna in water and a piece of salad) for months and as my body was peeled of layer by layer, my mind screamed until it couldn´t scream anymore. It was only darkness left. 

Then life suddenly stepped in and offered me a glimpse of clarity. It was like a kind reminder of the fact that I wasn't doing this to die (that was never my intention).  - You´re doing this to free yourself, something whispered. In that short moment everything was clear before darkness fell again. And I changed. For every day that small beam of light grew and in that opening I slowly, step by step, built myself up again from nothing. I returned to the path that my soul was born to walk. I felt free for the first time in my life. 

This journey costed many years of time, energy and loneliness but I´m grateful for it because this journey told me about the power of my soul. I´ve doubted many things after that but never that. 

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you and would love to hear about your thoughts on "SOUL". Just post a comment below.

With love,


Dream Drawing: DEEPER.

Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light (Theodore Roethke)

Dream Drawing: Deeper.

Dream Drawing: Deeper.

Hello & Happy New Year! I sincerely hope you´ve enjoyed the holidays. 

My Dream Drawing this week is not, like usually, about my wish/ vision for the week but instead  about my Word, my Vision for 2017: DEEPER

"Deeper" will be my companion, my hand to hold and my guide this year. My intention is to go deeper at all levels: deeper into my body, mind, soul and deeper into the rhythms that I play. Not the least, deeper into my dreams & reflections. The picture that I see is of a body which layers are peeled off, like slowly tearing of a shell. I believe I´m already quite transparent but I´m in it to go  further on my path. The goal? - Ultimate Freedom and flow, to share my passions from a place of inner truth. Makes sense?

What is Your Word for the new year? Have you picked one to guide you through the coming days and months? I would love to hear about it! 

Have a Fabulous & Peaceful Year!

With love, as always...