Best in the World.

Pleasure Journaling...

Pleasure Journaling...

Celebrating Pleasure together with my beloved soul sister @krisoster & a group of awesome women for two weeks I got the question: What would you do if you were Best In the World at what you do?  

I thought I could shareit here to honor my commitment of transparency! 

If I were the best in the world at being a Creative Queen I would book the coolest clubs for my bands to play at, tour the world, stay at nice, charming hotels and fly in my friends & family to spoil them with great food & adventures. I would dress in the most gracious, raw & elegant clothes - maybe even hire a personal designer (I know who) and treat my body with regular massages, plenty of greens, fruits & sleep in warm silk. 

I would erase my debt & buy a gorgeous flat in my beloved home town Stockholm. I would hire someone to clean my house & renovate it from the bottom (and pay good money for it). 

I would play, create, rest & dance under the moonlight! 🌕 

What would You do?