Open. Another prayer.

This is a prayer. Words to remind me (and maybe you if it talks to you) of something that I find essential: openness. I used to believe that a prayer was strictly related to a specific religion but I don´t anymore. Now I see it simply as an earnest request or wish to whatever we believe in, may it be a God, Goddess, the Universe or pure Magic. 

Open. My prayer. Today, and tomorrow, I am open to see creative solutions and possibilities in any challenges I meet. I am open to see and follow new unexpected paths. I keep my heart and mind wide open to new adventures and are ready to dive in and flow with whatever calls me anytime the voice inside whispers. Today, and tomorrow, I happily invite new friends and surroundings to expand my heart and vision. And, not the least, I am open to so much Love. 



A Prayer.

I'm attending a course this year. It's a mystical one. One that I keep close to myself in the way that I don't speak much about it. I'm in it to go deeply within and to honor the feeling of deep connection to the moon I felt already as a child. I never felt I could share it though... growing up in a working class suburb, it was kind of a "non issue".

Today I got the next lesson for my course, 9 MOONS LUNAR PRIESTESS COURSE: The waning Gibbous Moon. As the coming days, when the moonlight slowly fades, are for reflection, prayer & stillness I wrote a prayer. A prayer to keep close and read during this tranquil phase. 

My Moon Priestess Journal...  

My Moon Priestess Journal... 

I am going within, like you. I am decreasing my light in the world for some days but internally it shines stronger than ever. I see things I couldn't see before and connect with magical powers.
I gather strength to shine even brighter in the world, share even more of my creations and to let go of anything that steal energy from me to do that. I am forever letting go of the urge for perfection and instead replace it with a deep sense of inner calm, confidence and infinite light. 
I am back home in the body of the powerful woman I was born to be. A warrior of light and kindness.