Calm. Stillhet. Thoughts on Solitude. 

Is the calm in solitude always present? Is it always good? It can, for sure, be unpleasant sometimes and hurt down to the core. Feel like sitting in a cold, pitch-black or ice white, closet.

To me though, solitude is sometimes an escape but most often a big room, a space, of calm. In this room, I dance freely and ideas are born as easy as a blink. To me, solitude is a safe place.

I like being untouchable. It awakes the glimpse in my eye, the glow in my body. 



Måste, är, stillheten i ensamheten alltid befintlig? Är den alltid god? Den kan nog vara obehaglig ibland. Göra ont intill skelettet. Som att sitta i ett kallt, kolsvart eller kritvitt skåp. 

För mig är ensamheten ibland en flykt men oftast ett stort rum, en rymd av lugn. Där dansar jag fritt, och idéer föds så lätt som en blinkning. 

Ensamhet är, för mig, något tryggt. För det allra mesta. 

Jag gillar att vara onåbar. Det väcker glimten i ögat, glöden i kroppen. 

Fred. För det är det vi alla behöver nu. 



First draft of my piece Emptiness... Always a journal close by.

Creative Week


This week has been great! I am currently working on my Solo, both musically and on the story line, the "melody" that I wish to share and that will lie underneath the whole performance. I am still on the look for a producer so if you know one or, even better (;)) Are one - Take contact. I promise I won't bite. I am also working on the content for the upcoming Mindful drumming Workshop "When the Drummers were Women" in March. Check it out HERE

Also, I had the honor of being interviewed by creativity goddess Tania Wojciechowski at Manusmade! You can check it out HERE. It was great, though a bit nervous, since it is the first interview I do online. Unfortunately there is an acho accompanying us but... Well, that's life ;) 

Last note for today, Mizou, my band is playing at Vanguard in Oslo the 14th of March. You are most welcome. Mark the date in your calender already Now! We call the concert Spring Passion! 

Wishing You a Weekend! 








Written from my Paradise... My Studio.

Show Up and Shine

Today, this grey & lovely saturday at the peninsula where I live, I would like to share a short video extract from my studio, exploring the melodies I hear in my head and at the same time exploring the possibilities the frame drum and drum set offers, together with an extract from Danielle LaPorte's wonderful prayer.


I accept my calling:

To show up and shine. Unfurled and honest. Determined to be only that which I am.

I’m here to give my all.

I trust that pure intention counts for plentiful support. I trust we’ll get where I’m going, together.
And I am learning to be where I am.

I’ll go make my art now.

I have faith that you’ve got the rest covered.
The universe will configure around my very best efforts. Willingly. I can only do what ONLY I can do.

I will do that.

Amen. Om shanti. Shalom. 


All the best to you all. I wish you a great, inspiring saturday! Bye the way - What inspires you?

- I would love to hear and share!

Love Maria.