Heart. Finding Your own, Unique Rhythm.

You have to know where you are and know where you're going before you can figure out how to go about getting there. (Godin, Seth. Linchpin)

When reading this I immediately connected Godin's words with our (lost) awareness of our own, unique Rhythm. 

As I see it being aware of your Rhythm is all about being deeply connected with your body & soul, with other people & the present moment. It's being connected to Life. 

When you find and connect with your own, unique rhythm, your tempo something happens. It changes everything. It's like recognising yourself as the one your were born to BE. It affects how you work, how you relax, what kind of sports or training you choose. Remember, not all tempos are for everyone. I believe this strongly 'cause I've been, and this might sound harsch, an Abuser of my own rhyhtm. Imagine that - and I'm a drummer!!  

This can be a way of exploring this concept: 

Think about the Music you love the most, that makes you wanna mooove and that touches your soul - what is the tempo of that music? Fast? Really slow?  

I am changing my focus. Rhythm should be exciting, enthralling. Not just fast, dry & bragging.Rhythm should make you move your hips like the Goddess, God You are.