With the power of soul, anything is possible (Jimi Hendrix).

My Dream Drawing this week is all about "SOUL" as I reflect on who we are under the layers we have learnt, built up, hidden ourselves behind. If we peel off the layers of our body, our mind, we´ll stand there completely naked. Naked as in honest and vulnerable maybe? 

Once, I did. I peeled of layer by layer as I disappeared into an ice cold "castle of loneliness" and control. I didn't eat (more than a can of tuna in water and a piece of salad) for months and as my body was peeled of layer by layer, my mind screamed until it couldn´t scream anymore. It was only darkness left. 

Then life suddenly stepped in and offered me a glimpse of clarity. It was like a kind reminder of the fact that I wasn't doing this to die (that was never my intention).  - You´re doing this to free yourself, something whispered. In that short moment everything was clear before darkness fell again. And I changed. For every day that small beam of light grew and in that opening I slowly, step by step, built myself up again from nothing. I returned to the path that my soul was born to walk. I felt free for the first time in my life. 

This journey costed many years of time, energy and loneliness but I´m grateful for it because this journey told me about the power of my soul. I´ve doubted many things after that but never that. 

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you and would love to hear about your thoughts on "SOUL". Just post a comment below.

With love,


Going Within.

The only journey is the one within (Rainer Maria Vilke)
Dream Drawing:  Going Within

Dream Drawing: Going Within

Dream Drawing December 2016, my wish/ vision for this week: GOING WITHIN.  

It´s the last week of the year 2016 and with that it´s time for closing what was, and opening up for the new to come: new year, new dreams, new opportunities and new thoughts. I can wish whatever I want and it feels... liberating. 

I have my word for the next year clear, the overall magic word to guide every action and step I´ll take. Do you have yours? I will share mine, of course, but not now. Now it´s time for closure, looking back, saving what´s worth saving and closing, saying good bye to what we don´t need, want anymore. Now we go deep within.

Have a lovely week. Take care of yourself.




Dream Drawing: Grace.

Grace is grown from earthly wounds and blisters. It is a choice and a feeling that come with warmth and acceptance of life's challenges and askew paths (from the blog, June 2016)

This week I wish for Grace. Grace, as in ease and balance even though a storm is riding my inside. This is due to challenges that are shaking my path, the path I know I'm meant to walk and worked hard to stay on even when overgrown by abhorrent weeds.

This week - the adorable feeling of Grace can help me hold my head high, my body relaxed, and trust the knowing that I have from...  Nothing. 

I wish you all a graceful, rememberable week 🌹




Dream Drawing: Grace.  

Dream Drawing: Grace.  

Open. Another prayer.

This is a prayer. Words to remind me (and maybe you if it talks to you) of something that I find essential: openness. I used to believe that a prayer was strictly related to a specific religion but I don´t anymore. Now I see it simply as an earnest request or wish to whatever we believe in, may it be a God, Goddess, the Universe or pure Magic. 

Open. My prayer. Today, and tomorrow, I am open to see creative solutions and possibilities in any challenges I meet. I am open to see and follow new unexpected paths. I keep my heart and mind wide open to new adventures and are ready to dive in and flow with whatever calls me anytime the voice inside whispers. Today, and tomorrow, I happily invite new friends and surroundings to expand my heart and vision. And, not the least, I am open to so much Love.