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Womb Dance

Since ancient times, women have danced to feel their power, heal their pains, support each other through childbirth and other rites of passage, and connect with the earth, the divine spirit in all things. Now as many women struggle with living lives so disconnected from the rhythms of nature, our bodies, our spirits, it is deeply nourishing to come together and dance our way back to center.

Join Sama Morningstar and Sophia Hoffer Perkins, AKA Sophia Wise One, in a lightly guided healing dance journey focused on recentering us in our wombs, awakening our womb power, and nourishing our wild feminine spirits. I, Maria Bovin de Labbé, will be your drumesss for the occasion!

This event will happen online. To join in, please join the LunaWave Womb Awakening Grove where the info for the event will be posted: