It’s an instrument, not a sport...
— Maria Bovin de Labbé


Are you a drummer, percussionist, or professional musician? 

Do you want to extend the expressive range of your playing? 

Would you like to touch an audience’s hearts – and raise goosebumps on their skin?

Are you looking for a teacher who will go the extra mile to support you? 

There are many awesome, technically brilliant teachers out there, who can teach you to play fast, to perform mind-blowing solos and to execute impressive fills. 

All of which is great. These are essential skills for any self-respecting drummer. And there is more to drumming…

What I focus on in my teaching is emotion – finding the melody in rhythm, with a lightness of touch and a deep intention that will create a powerful connection with your audience.

These are the elements that have allowed me to create my own distinctive style of drumming, which has been described as distinct, like a dance, touching

I will never be the loudest drummer in the room, but no one who has seen my solo shows would ever mistake me for another drummer. 

If you would like to discover your unique and unmistakeable style of drumming, then let’s talk.

How I teach

To me being a musician is a life long journey of learning, exploring and developing. 

If you come to me as a student I will do my best to help you clarify your individual path as a drummer, your strengths as a musician, the weaknesses you need to work on – and the weaknesses you need to simply let go of. 

No one can be everything, so consciously choosing what to develop and what not to give attention to is an important step in developing your own style. 

I am a qualified drum teacher but I prefer to call myself a mentor or guide since I will guide you to find your own style, rather than reproduce my way of playing, or anyone else’s.

Here's what you can expect:

Finding your strengths as a musician

How to leave anxiety behind

Drum technique from a mindful perspective

Playing in different time signatures with calm

Exploring and creating ‘new’ grooves

Finding lightness in your drumming

Finding calm through playing

Hearing melody in rhythm

What we won't focus on:

Complicated fills

Technically impressive drum solos

Forceful drumming




Bring out your unique sound by learning to play with calm and presence.


Get my help preparing for a big show - physically, mentally and emotionally - so that you can enjoy the process, and walk on stage with confidence, to deliver the performance of your life.


I have studied frame drum with Maria for the past year and it has been a wonderful way to improve my drumming skills and get more grounded in my life and business! I started played drums at 17, following in the footsteps of my father, and was performing in groups in Hollyweird California by the time I was 19 years old. I’ve studied with dozens of teachers and Maria is one of the best I’ve ever had! (Kris Seraphine-Oster, author, mystic and mentor. From

Maria is an amazing coach who has helped me remarkably much in a very short time! She has given me valuable mental tools, help, and advice to put up strategies and concrete goals. Maria has in addition, a distinctive competence which makes her especially fit to guide within the creative field. This, in combination with a unique skill to meet people, makes Maria the best coach I could have chosen. My dream feels closer than ever (Guro Høimyr, vocalist and owner of UNIK vocal academy).

Maria Bovin de Labbé has taught drums to my son since 2012. During this period, he has developed tremendously both as a musician and person due to her teaching. Maria has a good knowledge of different genres and the ability to transfer the knowledge in a way that has awakened a curiosity and interest in the student to expand his repertoire. She is motivating to further practicing in a way that doesn’t seem oppressive but instead inspires to practice for one's own sake. 

Besides being a teacher and inspirator, I believe my son has experienced Maria as a good person to speak with themes in relation to his musical development but also in other areas of life (Anita Heide).


If this sounds like an approach you would like to explore, you can apply for a student spot here

It’s important to me that we are a good fit and that is why I wish to hear about you – your background, struggles, dreams and goals – before I take you on as a student. 

I only take on a few students at a time so that I can really give you the time and support you deserve. 

If, after I’ve read your introduction, I feel that we could be a good match, I will contact you to set up a pre-session where we meet and talk online. This session will be free of charge and without any obligations. It’s a chance to get to know each other, for me to hear you play, and to see what mindful drumming can teach you about your gift as a musician.

I look forward to hearing from you…